Annual Parish Meeting
The Annual Meeting of St Mary’s Anglican Church is held in November each year, and the Annual reports are published in advance of the meetings.  The report is a great snapshot of everything that has happened in the previous year of the church, and a big thank you is extended to all involved in writing the reports!
Parish Electoral Roll
Each parish maintains an electoral roll containing the names of those people aged over eighteen who have met the qualification for being on the parish electoral roll, and have filled out and signed an application form. (Prior to the introduction of the Parish Governance act in 2013, some people may have been added to the electoral roll without completing the form.)
To be on,  and remain on the electoral roll, a person must:
• Be a layperson (i.e. not ordained);
• Be over eighteen years of age;
• Be baptised;
• Have regularly and habitually attended public worship in that parish;
• Be a member of the Anglican Church of Australia;
• Not be a member of another church or denomination, and not be on the electoral roll of another parish or congregation;
• Have completed and signed an application to be on the electoral roll.
The parish electoral roll is reviewed in the month leading up to the annual meeting by the parish electoral committee and anyone who is no longer eligible to be on the roll is removed.  No changes or additions can be made to the roll in the 14 days preceding the annual meeting.
It is not a requirement that you be on the electoral roll, however only those listed on the electoral roll are eligible to vote at the Annual Meeting or stand for a position on Parish council.   If you wish to check your status on the electoral roll you can contact the Manager of Operational Ministries  via email or call the office on 9744 1347.
Applications to be included on the St Mary’s electoral roll must be received by Sunday 31st October 2021
Click on the link below to download the application for enrolment on the electoral roll.
Please click on the link below to download reports!