Giving to St Mary’s

The Church Wardens carefully monitor the finances of St Mary’s and are responsible for the preparation of the yearly budget which is approved by the Parish Council and presented to the Annual General meeting in November each year.  Full financial reports are presented at  each Parish Council business meeting.  The audited accounts of the Parish are also presented at the AGM.

General Fund-  The General fund is the basic budget of St Mary’s and includes programs and operational cost.  The income is generated from our weekly offertory, property hire, Community Store, Grants, Weddings etc.  Expenses include Donations to missions, staffing, utilities, operating expenses, maintenance etc.

 Building Fund-   Donations to the buildings fund service the $1.3 million loan that the parish has for the new buildings.


Preferred method of  Giving to St Mary’s

 Direct Debit through the Anglican Development Fund (ADF)

This is our preferred method of giving.  Parish Giving via ADF allows you to electronically transfer funds from your financial institution or credit card to St Mary’s on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.  You have the option for your contribution to be totally confidential and it can be easily set up by simply filling out the form titled “Parish Giving via ADF”.  There is no charge to you or the Parish for using this service, and the agreement can be changed at any time if your circumstances change.  You will receive a book of 50 certificates when you register for Parish Giving via ADF so you can place a certificate in the offering, as an expression of your commitment to the church each week.

Download the Parish Giving via the ADF form here



Direct Deposit to our bank account

If you would like to make your regular giving by direct electronic transfer, but do not wish to use the Parish Giving via ADF option, you can set up your own direct deposit between your Financial institution and our St Mary’s bank accounts. Please contact the Parish office via email- for the account details if you would like to use this method.
St Mary’s Bank Account Details – General Giving
St Mary’s Anglican Church
BSB: 083-918
Account:- 5160 62042

Account Details for Building Fund
Account name- St Marys Anglican Church Sunbury
BSB number- 703122
Account Number- 05004990


 Other methods of  Giving to St Mary’s

 Weekly Offertory Envelopes

Pre-printed envelopes are available that can be used for your confidential cash or cheque offerings and placed in the offertory bowl as it is passed around during the service, or left at the office.  These envelopes are divided into two halves– one side for General offering and one side for Building offerings.


Open Plate Offertory

Cash and Cheques can be placed in the offertory bowl or left at the Parish office at any time.  Donations for specific purposes can also be placed in the offertory bowl, in envelopes that are clearly labelled with the details of the purpose of the donation.



You may leave money to St Mary’s in your Will, either for a prescribed purpose, or for the unspecified benefit of the Parish.


Donation to specific Missions

There are special tins available for supporting CMS and other missions.  Please contact the office if you would like one of these tins.