What to expect

There’s lots of parking available on site or on the street out the front of St Mary’s.  

The Sunday services are held in our new modern worship centre and our Wednesday services are held in the historic bluestone chapel.  Most of our weekly activities are held in the new worship centre. 

When you step into St Mary’s you will be warmly welcomed as our guest. You will be able to join in the service at your own pace, including singing hymns and songs, joining in with prayers on the large screen, hear God’s Word read and explained and choose to participate in Communion as a believer in Jesus.  There is no set dress code to wear to church.

Following the service we would love to have you join us for a brewed cup of coffee or tea (in the mornings) and to chat with those at the service.  Our evening service is followed by dinner.

If you decide to make St Mary’s your home, you will be invited to a welcome gathering where you will be able to get to know others from the congregation better and to ask questions from the staff team.
There will then be many and varied opportunities to join groups and to serve in a variety of ways.

 We look forward to welcoming you at St Mary’s.