Youth and Young Adults

Youth United

Youth United is a Youth Group run by the Sunbury Anglican (that’s us!) and Sunbury Uniting Churches.  The group is for secondary school students and is held in the St Mary’s worship centre (9 O’Shanassy St, Sunbury) every Friday from 7-8.30pm. 
For more information please contact St Mary’s on 9744 1347.
Games Nights
If you like electronic gaming, this is the group for you! Games nights are usually held on the first Saturday of each month in the worship , and are mostly attended by (in their words)  “youth and young adult nerds who like hanging out, playing games, and eating junk food – awesome fun times!”
If someone under 18 wishes to attend, they must have a parent or guardian present for the event (all the games are G and PG-rated too)