Stitch and Sew

This group meets weekly in the function rooms on Tuesday afternoons from 1-3pm  for a great time of sewing and chatting and encouragement.  Bring your own project-  knitting, crochet, patchwork, papercrafts, embroidery- what ever you are working on.
They have produced some marvellous pieces of work and welcome new members.


Mothers Union

Mothers’ Union is a worldwide organisation with the Anglican Church with over four million members.   Our primary focus is to support and encourage Christian marriage and family life.  This year 2020, MU Australia are financially supporting PNG through a new Parenting Program.  Melbourne MU supports the Karen displaced people along the Thai/Burma border.  Five Christmas Cards are also given to every incarcerated woman within the Victorian Prisons, for her personal use. Funds have already been distributed this year from its Disaster Fund, as a result of the recent natural disasters, to eight Dioceses across Australia.

St Mary’s Sunbury branch meets on the third Wednesday of each month.

Further information is available from the Melbourne Diocese website at:


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