Home Groups


 St Mary’s has a number of home groups, meeting on a range of days, weekly or fortnightly, evenings, afternoons or mornings. These are small groups of people – including families, singles and couples of all ages – who meet together to learn more about God, share their faith experiences and support one another in a loving environment. Each group is different, but many will share a meal or supper, study the bible and pray together.

Some of our Home Groups have been created to meet the needs of a specific group- such as a men’s group, a “Mum’s”  group, and a Young Adults group.

Do you want to develop stronger connections within the community?
Do you seek support and friendship?
Do you want to understand more about God?
Do you want more prayer in your life?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then home groups are for you. All groups welcome new members, and we are always keen to start up new groups as well.

Contact the office for more information.